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"When I was selling my house FSBO, I was quite confident about the quality of the photographs I had taken to put in the listing. After all, I love poring through those home magazines and I've been taking photographs of historic buildings professionally for 25 years. I had Rita take a look, just in case. Well! She was clear about improvements I needed to make to show the house to its best advantage. She understood what buyers would focus on when they looked at my pictures. She had me re-stage the spaces by eliminating clutter I hadn't even noticed. And she told me strategies for framing the pictures the most flattering ways. WOW! I learned sooo much from my session with her! My FSBO photographs were better than ones on commercial real estate websites! Thanks, Rita, for helping me make my home look like a treasure box!"

      Rebecca Bernstein, Monona, Wisconsin

"Rita worked with our District Office team on organizing our work areas, and reducing our paperwork. She provided a well-planned, effective seminar. Our staff was able to see new ways of working with information, and her style led them to do some problem-solving and find solutions that work best for them. Ms. Horvath impresses by her wide knowledge of a variety of topics. Not only did we discuss organization but also we looked in a more holistic way at our workspace. I would highly recommend using Rita's services in office management and organization. She showed us a personal approach to a topic that impacts every office."

      Ken Bates, Superintendent, Columbus School District, Columbus,

"Wonderful Rita Horvath made it possible for us to downsize our household accumulations enough to be able to move, helped us in the moving process and staged our house for optimal presentation to realtors and potential buyers online. She has savvy about useful and collectible items and where they can be donated, and she cheerfully packed and took many carloads away. Her imagination, empathy, sense of humor and energy made the clearing process satisfying and enjoyable. She staged and photographed our house using her varied skills in interior design and provides help with many aspects of living with fine professionalism." 

      Julie Hayward in Madison, Wisconsin

" ... strongest recommendation for Rita Horvath's 'Naturally Organized' services. She is extremely gifted and talented, and clearly puts forth her best efforts with the highest integrity to provide her services to me. These services include: home and office organization, time management, and life coaching. For me, as I expect for many others, these functions are all inter-related and are both reflected and influenced by my and home and office environment, and how I spend my time. For this reason and Rita's expert instruction on the 'why' aspect of these functions, her services have had profound and exponentially beneficial positive effect. The time and cost investment have already paid for themselves several times over, and her services continue to be an outstanding value for me." 

      Shari Entenmann in Madison, Wisconsin

"Our business, consisting of 3 veterinarians and 8 support staff, was having some interpersonal issues among the staff that we were having difficulty addressing and resolving ... [they were] affecting the practice's productivity and creating a negative work environment ...

Rita attended our next staff meeting ... at times it was a very stressful and emotional experience for the staff and it was invaluable to have Rita present to give an objective interpretation of the comments she was hearing. She had a very good feel for personalities and how they affect interpersonal communication. She provided the staff with constructive feedback on their concerns and frustrations and more importantly suggestions on how they could be addressed in a positive way.

Following the meeting there was an immediate improvement in the problems we had been having and every staff member commented on the benefit of having Rita's input and advice.

One month later there has been a 20% improvement in the business's productivity over the previous year ... [due to] the improved staff morale that Rita was instrumental in producing.

...I will feel reassured to know I have an expert I can consult with in future if needed."

      Dr. John Dally, Owner of Spring Green Animal Hospital, Spring Green, 

"Happy New Year! I wanted to let you know that I staged my house after taking your course last March and was able to sell it in about a month. I had the luxury of being able to move into the new house and so I could stage the entire house. Every feedback email my realtor got complimented the house's appearance. You did a great job. Thanks!"

      Kari Rekoske in Madison, Wisconsin

"Rita worked with me on remodeling the half of the duplex that I own. The work was very extensive and involved, painting of every room, new floors for every room and furniture design, purchase and arrangement. This remodeling job was done on a very modest budget with practically all of the work done with my own hands with very little outside labor. Rita was a gem at helping with the design, picking colors, choosing furniture and appropriate floor coverings. Rita worked with me on making a very nice place to live that really reflects my tastes and personal aesthetics. Rita was aware of my economics as well as my taste at every step of the process. There is no doubt in my mind that if I purchase another home I will use Rita to help me with whatever remodeling efforts I might undertake."

      Dan Rosenthal in Madison, Wisconsin

"Once again, I want to say 'Thanks so very much' for helping me and my husband make our dismal and disorganized basement area into a delightful and welcoming 'party room' when we hosted dinner for our extended family this Christmas Eve. I was at my wit's end and uncertain how to make a large room with white walls, plain furniture and lack of architectural detail into a warm and beautifully decorated backdrop for our family festivities. Deciding to call you for a staging consultation was the first step, and what a GREAT IDEA it turned out to be! During our first meeting, you advised me to move out unnecessary furniture and reposition what was remaining. Your ideas were brilliant, and had an immediate impact! Once the furniture was arranged, and I was having difficulties deciding how to decorate, you returned to our home (during a winter blizzard, no less!) and encouraged me to utilize my own creativity and ideas, along with your suggestions. I was amazed when you used some candles and decorations that I had available to make an absolutely GORGEOUS centerpiece for our dining table. We received so many compliments on this, and I plan to wrap it carefully for next year! Your ideas for the lighting were great, and helped to give the room a wonderful ambience, which was enjoyed by all! So, many thanks to you, and I look forward to continuing our relationship as we organize and beautify other areas of our home. Happy Holidays!"

      Barbara H. in Madison, Wisconsin

"When we had to move from Madison to Athens for my husband's new job at the university there, Rita helped us organize and pack, got us ready for the whole moving process. We were originally worried that we would have to leave a lot of our things behind, but in the end we were able to take everything with us, thanks to Rita. She arranged everything so that packing was much easier than we expected and our move-in to the new place was very easy. We were very pleased and would recommend Rita's services to anybody."

      Edith Magyar in Athens, Georgia (formerly in Madison, Wisconsin)

"Knowledgeable instructor, useful information, good exchange among students/instructor."

      student in Madison, Wisconsin

"Coaching with Rita does not equal boring school classes ... I needed a personal coach because I had an idea about where I wanted my life to go, but I didn't know how to get there ... I can now plan activities days or weeks in advance ... I now maintain my organized space in only ½    1½ hours per week ... and I am able to keep good financial records for tax purposes ... I urge that you try at least one or two sessions with Rita Horvath. I noticed results right from the very first day and you can too!"

      Michael Thieman in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

"We want to thank you for your help in decorating our new space. All of your ideas have worked out great. We could not have done it without you. Please feel free to have customers contact us."

      Joe and Dolores Meagher in Madison, Wisconsin

"... You made an impact on me when you discussed the real and very personal cost of clutter ... I realized that it was emotionally draining and time consuming to have to keep coping with all this stuff ... I have more room now and my apartment is cleaner ... The most important outcome is that I just seem to have more control over my life after learning to organize my finances, work projects, and special interests ... the most important aspect of this is that I am being proactive and making decisions based on my goals rather than just trying to find a way to cope with it all ... I am able to make decisions and changes based on what is most in alignment with my values and goals ... Now I believe that I have the tools to make decisions and manage my life more effectively. Thank you for your warm-hearted encouragement."

      Karen F. in Madison, Wisconsin

"I'm writing to share what a pleasure it was to work with you. Your philosophy to help me embrace the ways in which I am already naturally organized empowered me to get my business organized and to extrapolate what I learned to other areas of my life. Your approach with me was hands-on and practical. I didn't pick up before you came because I wanted you to experience my reality: piles on the floor blocking the path from the door to my desk, piles on my desk, piles on every horizontal surface. By the time you left, together we had uncovered the actual surface of my desk! Something I haven't seen in over a year! I loved the time I spent with you, Rita. The principles I learned from you apply to all areas of my home. That's why I've taken projects on the porch and in the kitchen, too! Little by little. 'Empty Out. Clean In' is my new mantram. I now have a very compelling reason to recommend your Naturally Organized services to my friends, clients, and colleagues."

      Sally Buffat, business owner in Madison, Wisconsin

"On behalf of the Retirement Challenges Committee of the UW Retirement Association, I want to thank you for your informative talk for our program on organizing and downsizing our offices and homes.

I am sure that you could tell from the audience participation and questions that the subject is of great interest to our membership. As you could tell, we all need help!

Thank you again for a wonderful program."

      Marygold S. Melli, Professor of Law Emerita, University of Wisconsin-

"Thank you so much for packing all my clothes, lamps, books, and knickknacks for my return to Oregon. That sorting and packing were gargantuan. How nice to have someone such as you to do this onerous work! I'm very grateful to you."

      Ruth in Portland, Oregon 

"[The course] was relaxed and fun    I learned a lot and Rita was so great about answering our questions    very warm and friendly! Very knowledgeable too!"

      workshop participant in Madison, Wisconsin 

"You wouldn't believe the enhanced organization that has been taking place around my house since I've taken your class. The boxes for my proposed garage sale for next spring are filling up rapidly. Last week I had two trash bags when I normally had only one. I've sold an old camera, sold old skis at the University Hoofer's ski sale and unloaded old publications. I even threw away three sets of retainers and one head gear apparatus from my children's orthodontic work. It felt a little odd throwing away hundreds of dollars of appliances, but they could never be used again. I can find just about anything I want when I want it. Organization is an amazing thing. It truly is underrated!"

      Darla Peterson in Madison, Wisconsin 

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