How Decluttering Improved My Health 

Everyone knows that living in mess and clutter makes it hard to achieve goals or to get anything done. It also makes it virtually impossible to keep track of your possessions. It's not as well known what kind of impact clutter can have on our physical and emotional well-being.

Lately, I've gone through a kind of revolution in my long struggle with clutter. I discovered a great resource    Rita Horvath of Naturally Organized, in Madison, Wisconsin. She deserves the credit for my story, which is really a kind of testimonial. As a result of her help, I can already see a lot of benefits of decluttering. I feel lighter and more full of energy, I am reaching more of my goals, and my physical health even seems to be improving!

Here are some of the ways her coaching has helped me to start clearing up my clutter. I've always been messy and disorganized, and I've procrastinated about dealing with it. It was always too much to take on. I knew that much about myself. What I didn't know was that my messiness was preventing me from being productive. The biggest revelation for me - please don't laugh if you already know this - was that my outward disorganization really reflected my inward clutter of ideas and old emotions.

I had never before made the connection between this mental and emotional clutter and my difficulties in working on my goals. If we don't achieve goals, we never reach our dreams or get anywhere in life, especially in our careers. I found that my inner clutter clogged up my mind to the point where I couldn't focus on a goal at all. Instead I would jump from one idea to another. My other dodge to avoid working on projects was to waste time watching TV and other silly time-killers.

Once I realized what was happening and found some new ways to declutter with little effort, things happened fast! That's when the real benefits of decluttering started to appear. A kind of healing process began. The more I cleaned up on the outside, the more my mind and emotions seemed to clear themselves up on the inside. It's completely true that your surroundings have a huge effect on how well you can think and work. It's a wonderful feeling to finally be free of both outer and inner clutter and to start moving, taking action and achieving my goals!

Now I'm starting to wonder if decluttering and clearing up on both the outside and the inside could rank with therapy or stress management techniques as ways to self-improvement. It certainly seems to operate on the roots of depression, procrastination and unsatisfied needs for achievement. Now, I am like a new person    boldly achieving goals and creating movement in my life and the lives of my loved ones.

Here is the link to physical health, as well. This mood enhancement and stress reduction clearly has a powerful effect on immunity and physical well being. Now I resist infections and have more energy, and a nice side-effect of cleaning is that it's easier to eliminate sources of allergies and toxic materials from my home. All the parts of a healthy lifestyle are connected to each other, and improving one part improves all of them.

Now you have heard my story. Maybe it's your first opportunity to find out about these interesting effects of decluttering. Maybe it just reminds you of what you already know and sparks your motivation. Either way, if you want a taste of the kinds of possibilities that are opening up for me, it's easy to get started. Give Rita a call! Best wishes! 

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