Rita Horvath, owner of Naturally Organized, helping you get organized and design your home and life Welcome

Do you have goals you never seem to achieve? Are you in control of your time? Is clutter taking over your life? Do you work harder and harder without getting anywhere? Or do you just feel overwhelmed?

Want to end the chaos and start living again? I'm here to help. That's why I started Naturally Organized    to help you harmonize your space, your time, and your life.

Feel free to call on my expertise if you need help with

    • professional organizing for personal and business needs
    • interior design & redesign
    • home staging/house staging
    • time management
    • sustainable lifestyle design
    • coaching for achievement

With my help, you can be at ease with your possessions, in tune with your living environment, and on top of your life.

To take the first step, call me today at (608) 497-0884, or email me at . Coaching is available in person in the Madison, Wisconsin area, or by phone or email, with photo or video support as needed.  

Contact me today! Call (608) 497-0884  •  Email:

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